3 Instagram Tips to Make Your Company Stand Out

Free Online Presence Analysis ReportBusinesses developing a presence on Instagram know that it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. If you’re just starting to use Instagram and build a presence, standing out will be even harder. This is not to say that it’s going to be impossible. With a few savvy tips and a little creativity, you can make your company stand out on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

With so many social media platforms out there, you might be wondering why you should invest in establishing a presence on Instagram. The platform is very visual, which makes it incredibly popular, and it hasn’t reached the same saturation point as Facebook or Twitter, meaning it’s not overly clogged up with competing businesses. This makes it a more friendly playing field to enter and the ideal arena in which to set yourself apart from competitors and make your company stand out.

1. Make Your Company Stand Out by Projecting a Positive Image

If you’re a manufacturing business, one of the smartest things you can do to stand out on Instagram is to emphasize your commitment to environmental sustainability. While other manufacturers are posting pics of clunky industrial equipment, you can set your company apart by posting clean, green, photos illustrating your brand’s commitment to the environment.

You can do this in any number of ways. For example, you can start an initiative to replant forests and post photos of those forests as they grow. Customers will love your dedication to the environment. And they’ll feel an investment in the growth of those trees, meaning they’ll stay active on your Instagram account for many years.

2. Push Quality Over Quantity

It’s important to think of your company’s Instagram account as a portfolio. So, every post counts, and it’s essential to make each post as impactful as possible. Posting 7 times a day won’t get you anywhere on Instagram. Focus on producing clean, powerful posts that pop. Also, make sure that each post tells a vital part of your brand’s story. Let your posts illustrate the values and character of your brand.

In using your Instagram account as a portfolio for your brand, you should use it as a place to showcase your work. If you’re in manufacturing, then design posts around your products. You can turn use-cases into insightful Instagram posts by showing your products in use. This will help you resonate with your customer base and attract new customers as well.

3. Always Remember, Color Quality Matters

Whatever your posting on Instagram, remember that color quality matters. A perfectly good Instagram post with expertly written content won’t do a lick of good if the colors are botched.

Even if you’re using graphics as opposed to photographs, it is critical that those colors are displayed at their best. When it comes to color on an Instagram post, you must always strive for the highest quality.

Final Thoughts

On another note, it’s good practice to use opposing color schemes for your Instagram posts. Using a cover overlay can also be useful. The trick is to use colors that differ from what your competitors are using. If this is not an issue, then stick to your brand colors when posting. The idea is to ensure that customers will readily associate your company with the colors you use on Instagram posts.

Companies that invest in superior color quality will stand out from their competitors on Instagram. If your posts are crisp, clear, and clean with color that pops while your competitor does the bare minimum, they will look amateurish in comparison. As a result, your posts won’t just set you apart from your competitors, it will set you above them.

So, after reading these tips, you are ready to make your company stand out on Instagram. Get to it!