March 2019 | Mann & Co. Inc.

G7 Certification: Everything You Need to Know

G7 Certification: Everything You Need to KnowSo, is G7 certification what you need?

Companies tend to be quite particular about their branding elements — especially colors. So, when you’re producing print materials for your clients, the pressure is on. And, you want to ensure that all materials are as close to perfect as they can be.

But what can you do to create consistency in the finished products you produce?

Are you in the business of helping companies strengthen their brand? Do you help them achieve visual similarity across printing processes? Then the G7 certification is for you.

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Print Quality Standards in the Supply Chain

Print Quality Standards in the Supply ChainPrint quality standards are essential. But how do you maintain consistency from start to finish?

Printing typically begins with the design process. This being the starting point, getting it right is crucial. Careful attention needs to be paid to color, design elements, formatting and positioning and so on.

Then, the proofing begins. This isn’t to say that the pros don’t check all designs before a large run. But it is always a good idea to inspect what you expect and check the accuracy of the design quality.

After proofing, printing can start. This is where you would print the exact number of copies you or your client need. Sometimes, this is done in-house. Depending on the job or the tools available to you, you may outsource this process.

Finally, there’s the delivery. This is where the pros pass collateral to your client or the people who are going to be using it.

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Higher Quality Branding with Printing Technology

Higher Quality Branding with Printing TechnologyColor management plays a crucial role in higher quality branding, especially for print materials.

Achieving color consistency across your materials leads to brand recognition. The top brands in the world pay special care to their branding items. They make sure their designs look the same no matter what they’re being printed on.

Also, printed materials must look good to be effective. This plays a significant role in the prospect or customer’s response to your printed goods.

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