February 2017 | Mann & Co. Inc.

5 Controversial Marketing Techniques (That Maybe Aren’t so Bad)

5 Controversial Marketing Techniques (That Maybe Aren’t So Bad)Marketing has changed a lot, even just in the last few years. Nowhere is this more apparent online, where search and social algorithms are continually being updated.

Does this mean that certain marketing techniques aren’t worth doing anymore? The answer is, “it depends.”

Certain marketers and experts have advised us to stop using some of the following techniques. And yet, with a few simple adjustments, they can still get results.

Here are several controversial marketing techniques that maybe aren’t as bad as we once thought.Continue Reading..

Why Direct Mail Is Perfect For Marketing Automation

Why Direct Mail & Print Are Perfect For Marketing AutomationMany businesses utilize direct mail and print materials to market their products.

Certainly, since the emergence of the internet, there has been some oscillation between online and offline marketing strategies. But just because certain companies are no longer using specific channels doesn’t mean they aren’t effective anymore. There could even be some missed opportunities if you ignore offline channels.

Technology has made marketing more efficient and targeted than ever. And interestingly, old-school methods can be enhanced by new-school tech. Marketing automation and direct mail are perfect examples.Continue Reading..

How to Figure out If Your Email Marketing Is Working

How To Figure Out If Your Email Marketing Is WorkingDenying the importance of email marketing is hard.

There are many ways to build a following and an audience. But if you don’t own the platform, you risk losing the community you’ve worked so hard to build.

When you get more likes on your Facebook page, Facebook owns that list. Meanwhile, when you build your email list, you own it. Even if you end up moving to a different email marketing platform, you can take your list with you.

What some people won’t tell you is that email marketing isn’t necessarily easy. Getting your emails seen and opened can be hard. And even if you do get them opened, there’s no guarantee your subscribers will take a profitable action.

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What to Know About the Sales Funnel

What to Know About the Sales FunnelA prospect isn’t necessarily ready to purchase your product or service the moment they visit your website. Therefore, you need a sales funnel.

Some leads are just becoming aware of their problem and are still researching it. Others have identified their challenge, and they’re beginning to explore their options regarding solutions. Still, others are ready to purchase immediately.

To turn a prospect into a paying customer, you would need to tailor your marketing to prospects who are at different stages of their buying journey. That is a marketing funnel.

A sales funnel is part of the same funnel. But when the marketing team hands off a lead to sales, it means they’re ready to buy right away or within a couple of steps.Continue Reading..