January 2017 | Mann & Co. Inc.

What Not to Do When Calculating Marketing ROI

What Not To Do When Calculating Marketing ROICalculating marketing ROI can be a highly involved, complex process.

You must account for certain expenses, take a broader view of your multi-channel approach, and focus on the right metrics. If not, your calculations will be skewed. No manager is going to take kindly to that. Especially if they believe your reports are painting a rosier picture than what reality dictates.

Customer lifetime value (or CLV) is one of the key metrics you should already know. If your CLV is in order, you’ve got a head-start on many businesses. Most don’t know what a single customer is worth to them.

But there are other mistakes you can make when calculating marketing ROI. Let’s have a look.Continue Reading..

Why Your Website Is Still a Critical Lead Generation Tool

Why Your Website Is Still a Critical Lead Generation ToolDid you know that your website is still a critical lead generation tool?

Let me ask a few questions: Are you spending more time on social media than on your website? Are you more leveraged into advertising than content creation? Do you feel like SEO is a big waste of time and money?

There are many ways to attract new leads, and it isn’t a bad idea to have a multi-channel strategy. Moreover, traditional tactics can still work. But, despite the work and resources it requires, not developing your website – or leaving it out of the equation – could be a mistake.

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What Happens When Your Content Marketing Fails?

What Happens When Your Content Marketing Fails?You’ve initiated your content marketing program. You’ve researched your target audience, you’re regularly publishing relevant content, and you’re promoting it.

Still, you don’t seem to be getting results.

Content marketing takes time, so this is not a problem unless you’ve been at it for several years and you’re not gaining any traction. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, then other factors need to be addressed.

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How to Build a Landing Page for Lead Conversion

How To Build A Landing Page For Lead ConversionLanding page best practices continue to change with lead behavior.

What may have worked a few years ago, isn’t necessarily what works now, as people don’t just give away their email addresses willy-nilly anymore.

But if your offer is targeted and appealing, you can still build a high-performing landing page.

When you understand your target audience, and why they need your offer, you’ll get the right people on your list. And wouldn’t you prefer to build a quality email list instead of one where people regularly unsubscribe?

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6 Tips for Factoring CLV into Your Marketing Strategy

6 Tips For Factoring CLV Into Your Marketing StrategyYou’ve calculated your customer lifetime value (CLV), and now you’re ready to apply your newfound knowledge to your marketing strategy.

But what can you do with CLV? Is there any inherent benefit to knowing it? How can you improve your marketing strategy with it?

If these are the questions you’re asking, then you’re in the right place. Here are six tips for factoring CLV into your marketing strategy.Continue Reading..