December 2016 | Mann & Co. Inc.

How Big Business Uses Social Media to Engage

How Big Business Uses Social Media To Engage Their Target MarketSocial media represents a valuable opportunity for you to get in front of your target market on a regular, ongoing basis.

But if you aren’t consistent, you don’t exist. And if you aren’t engaging your target market and delivering content they want, then your audience has no reason to keep following you.

So, what are you doing to interact and connect with your audience? What are you doing to attract your target market? Do you feel you are successful in your efforts or are you still unsure as to how social media fits into your marketing plan?

Let’s learn from the best. Here are how some big businesses are using social media to engage their target market.Continue Reading..

Get Your Email Subject Line Right – 7 Tips

Get Your Email Subject Line Right – 7 TipsEvery week, you work hard to create a emails that your subscribers will open and read.

But even if the content is stellar, if the subject line isn’t compelling, your followers may not open it.

The opposite can also be a problem. If your subject lines are promising a lot, but you’re not delivering on it in the body of your email, you could also be losing trust with your followers.

Either way, the first step is to get people to open your emails, and this has a lot to do with your subject lines. Let’s talk about how to get your email subject line right.Continue Reading..

How to Enhance Your CLV and Ramp up Your Business

How To Enhance Your CLV And Ramp Up Your BusinessThe better your customer lifetime value (CLV) is, the more profitable your business is going to be.

And don’t fool yourself – your CLV is a moving target. It can change based on the products or services you’re offering, demand in the marketplace, how consistent you are with customer support, and so on.

That isn’t to suggest that your CLV is going to go through radical shifts. But it’s good to remember that you may need to recalculate from time to time.

It is possible to boost your CLV – in other words, the average profit you generate from each customer. Want to know how? Read on.Continue Reading..

7 Ways to Calculate ROI for Customer Lifetime Value

calculate ROI

Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) isn’t hard to calculate. And once you know what it is, you can easily determine the profitability of each of your customers, how much you can spend on marketing and customer acquisition, and so on.

But there aren’t any companies that aren’t interested in return on investment (ROI). Whether you’re the business owner or the head of the marketing department, you want to know that your investments are contributing to business objectives and your bottom line.

So, how do you calculate ROI on CLV? Here are several ways you can go about it.Continue Reading..