November 2016 | Mann & Co. Inc.

CLV Is the Only Equation You Need to Remember

CLV Equals The Only Equation You Need To RememberMetrics. Whatever it is you’re trying to measure with your marketing, there are a lot of different numbers to think about.

But the reality is that most don’t matter. It’s one thing if you need to report to management if they request specific metrics be included in your analysis. But many marketers and businesses end up tracking a lot of vanity metrics that are ultimately irrelevant to a successful campaign outcome.

There is one equation that should be monitored and analyzed with care – CLV or customer lifetime value. Let’s talk about what this is.Continue Reading..

7 Tools to Increase Webinar Responses

7 Tools To Increase Webinar ResponsesYou’ve started running webinars. Great! Only, you don’t seem to be getting many webinar responses.

Even if you have great content prepared, if no one sees it, it’s not going to help you move your business forward.

Although it is best to keep your marketing simple, if you aren’t already using the following tools to get more signups, you should be.

Here are seven tools to increase webinar responses.Continue Reading..

Does Your Audience Fit Your Content Marketing Plan?

Does Your Audience Fit Your Content Marketing Plan?There’s one word entrepreneurs and businesses sometimes miss as they’re putting together their content marketing plan. That word is targeting.

For instance, let’s say that you offer water filtration systems for residential use. So, on your blog, you begin covering every topic imaginable related to water.

On the surface, this may appear to be a wise decision. But if you thought that your visitors were interested in learning about the molecular structure of water, the average rainfall in Chicago, or the size of the Atlantic Ocean, you might be a little off-base.

It’s more likely that your prospective customers would want to learn about the health benefits of water, the downsides of drinking tap water, how your filtration system can improve their health and life, and so on.

Does your audience fit your content marketing plan? Consider the following points.Continue Reading..

How to Boost Your Profits with Measurable PPC Results

How to Boost Your Profits with Measurable PPC ResultsWhen you’re investing into your business, you want to see a return on your efforts. You’re after measurable PPC results.

Most businesses don’t pay for PPC ads just for fun. They pay for visibility, first and foremost, and then for the payoff that comes from conversions.

Don’t worry – this isn’t as complicated as it might sound.  It’s not as though you’ll have to track each and every impression or click.

But a PPC campaign isn’t a set-and-forget strategy either. Ongoing tweaking and experimentation is key to your success. You have to keep optimizing, so you’re spending less and earning more.

Here are some tips on how to boost your profits with measurable PPC results.Continue Reading..

What You Need to Know if Your Web Developer Does a Runner

What You Need To Know If Your Web Developer Does A RunnerWeb development is a highly competitive field. A web developer runs the spectrum from very competent all the way over to completely inept.

Some might give you a great sales pitch, and not deliver the services promised. Meanwhile, others might appear socially challenged but offer an excellent product that will last you for a long time to come.

Stereotypes aside, the point here is that you might not know when someone’s done a runner on you until it’s too late. Try as you might, tracking them down could prove difficult if not impossible.

Here’s what you need to know if this happens to you.Continue Reading..