February 2016 | Mann & Co. Inc.

Why Email Preheaders Are Important for Your Business

Why Email Preheaders Are Important For Your BusinessEmail Preheaders are often the forgotten element when it comes to email design. Many businesses don’t realize they exist or don’t think they are important. It is easy to conclude the former if you feel overwhelmed by CSS trickery or the HTML technical aspects of your email design program.

However, the truth is that your emails will be much more effective with preheaders.

What Is a Preheader?

An email preheader, also known as a Johnson Box, is the piece of text that sits alongside the email subject in many email clients (like Gmail). Usually, the text informs the recipient of the contents of the email.

Many businesses use this space to re-write or advertise the first line of the email message. But, this is a waste of an opportunity to engage your audience and convince them that they need to open your message. You might find that using a different preheader is the key to increasing your open rate on your email marketing campaigns.Continue Reading..

Should You Use PPC For Top-of-Funnel Conversions?

Should You Use PPC For Top-of-Funnel Conversions?

PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the best ways for you to get ‘top-of-funnel’ conversions for your business. It helps you generate solid leads for your business, while also limiting who sees your ads to specific target markets.

PPC can sometimes get a bad reputation when it comes to cost. Since 2009, the price per click has risen by 53.4%, and cost per conversion has increased by 253.2%. However, PPC is crucial if you consider the long term, especially the lifetime customer value. According to reports from RJ Metrics, the average e-commerce customer lifetime value is about $1,300.Continue Reading..

4 Reasons Your Call-to-Action Needs to Be Specific

4 Reasons Your Call-to-Action Needs to Be Specific

Getting customers to complete a task you want them to do, requires you to use one essential tool: the call-to-action (CTA). Creating the best call-to-action for your website and business will help you sell more products and gain inquiries. In fact, the right CTA can significantly increase results – which can lead to the growth of your business.

A great CTA is even more important when you are running a PPC campaign. When you are competing against rivals for attention, your CTA could be the deciding factor.Continue Reading..

How to Maintain Brand Awareness With Lead Nurturing


How to Maintain Brand Awareness With Lead NurturingYour sales reps are valuable resources. They help you generate interest for your products and push out your brand image. Some of their time is likely to be spent touching base with old leads who have previously converted and could benefit from the add-on, or complimentary products.

Touching base has four significant problems. First, touching base usually occurs when brands haven’t interacted with your company for a long time. Therefore, they are becoming cold leads and are probably not interested in your services/products at the current time. Consequently, your sales reps have no information to go on and cannot make efficient use of their time.

Second, your lead may not be available, so your sales team leaves a message, such as:

Hi, this is Joe Blogs from Joe Blogs Consulting. Just giving you a quick call to see if there is anything you need help with.”Continue Reading..