November 2015 | Mann & Co. Inc.

Why Trigger Events are Important For Marketing Automation

Why Trigger Events are Important For Marketing Automation

Most of the time, your prospects aren’t active in your sales cycle. They are sitting there, minding their own business, looking at products and services that aren’t related to yours. They might be receiving your email marketing campaigns, reading your blog content, or interacting with you over social media. However, at that moment, they are just inactive.

Then there is a sudden flurry of activity from the prospect, and they move through your sales cycle very quickly. Before you know it, they’ve bought your product.

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How to Use Your Sales Cycle to Build a Better Website

How to Use Your Sales Cycle to Build a Better Website

Your website could be one of the best tools for your business’ lead generation and sales. It can hold lots of critical information, help process it and is available whenever the customer wants the information. However, for a website to be efficient, it needs to be designed and built right. That means building around your sales cycle.

If your website is not aligned with your sales cycle, your marketing and sales teams will find it difficult to know when the prospect is ready to talk or if any of the leads are quality. So, how do you use your sales cycle to build a better business website? Here are our suggestions.

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How to Map Out Your Company’s Sales Cycle

How to Map Out Your Company's Sales Cycle

Your company’s sales cycle is an important factor when finding prospects and closing deals. By understanding how your business does this, you can identify bottlenecks, unnecessary steps in the process, and how you are losing customers as they exit the sales process.

Once identified, you can then take action to eliminate these steps and connect aspects of the sales path together to complete a more efficient process.

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10 Types of Content That Get a Visitor’s Email Address

10 Types of Content That Get a Visitor's Email Address

The money is in the email list – that is the clear message when it comes to online marketing. Many online marketers will tell you this fact, and it is backed up by surveys. In 2013 and 2014, the third best online selling path was email marketing. Only direct visits and organic searching performed better.

Therefore, the goal of your website should be to collect the email address of your visitors. You may get purchases without collecting the email, but if you don’t, the chances are high (70%) that you will never see that visitor again. But visitors to your website don’t just give you their contact information. You have to earn them. Most of the time, this is through giving them some premium content to make them feel they’ve gotten a good deal.

So, what content could you provide visitors that will encourage them to provide their contact information?

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