October 2015 | Mann & Co. Inc.

The Science Behind Shopping Cart Abandonment

The Science Behind Shopping Cart AbandonmentOne of the most significant problems for online businesses is not always how to get the customer to the brand, but how to get them to complete their purchases. Shopping cart abandonment can be a significant barrier to successfully making sales.

There are ways for your online business to entice those customers back to your store to complete the order. These strategies include automatically sending a follow-up email where you remind a customer what they’ve recently put into their cart but have not purchased. But for these strategies to be successful, you need to know precisely why your customer has abandoned the cart.

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How to Build a Long-Term Sales Strategy

How to Build a Long-Term Sales Strategy When You're Under Short-Term Pressure

Get your long term sales better with a plan B and confidence!

When your sales are down, it can often be tempting to make quick sales to generate enough revenue for the month or to meet monthly targets. However, this can be a mistake and will just lead to greater struggles the next month.

This hand-to-mouth style of generating sales is not good for your business. It can increase stress that will lower your morale as well as the staff. Therefore, you should develop a long-term sales strategy.

There is one thing that will outshine everything; it is the personality of a sales person. People buy from people, so you have to concentrate on building relationships with your clients. It will help you improve your ratio to close deals within any given month, which will help you meet higher targets, long term.

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5 Bottlenecks Implementing Marketing Automation

5 Bottlenecks Implementing Marketing Automation

Implementing a marketing automation strategy is an excellent way to create a steady stream of good leads. With more leads, you can generate more sales which will help grow your business very effectively. However, there are challenges for companies when they start to implement a marketing automation strategy. Often, without the correct processes put in place, your marketing automation strategy can quickly be blocked by typical bottlenecks.

Only by setting up processes to prevent problems in the future can you be sure that your business will not suffer.

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Starter Guide to B2B Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Starter Guide to B2B Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Is your web design suitable for converting customers?

The art of generating online revenue is not about getting people to your website; it’s about getting website visitors to perform an action on your site. Revenue generation in today’s modern age is not very easy. In marketing, there are more touch points for meeting a potential client and them making a purchase than ever before. Therefore, there are more opportunities for you to lose the contact and their potential sale along their purchasing path.

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