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How to Use Different Forms For Better Sales Conversion

How to Use Different Forms For Better Sales Conversion

Your website can be one of the best lead generation paths you have at your disposal. It can be used to collect a variety of information from your visitors, so you can segregate them into different lists to advertise and sell relevant products to.

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10 Ways to Segment Your Company’s Leads

10 Ways to Segment Your Company's Leads

Without market segmentation, you can’t properly sell to your leads.

Lead segmenting is a vital task if you want to be successful in generating new customers for your business. Segmenting a list allows you to send more relevant sales materials to each lead and achieve better sales results. It can also save you costs by not sending irrelevant content to particular contacts.

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How to Track Your Best Lead Sources

How to Track Your Best Lead Sources

Tracking your best lead sources optimizes your marketing and sales process for profit and efficiency.

The lead source for each sale your business makes is an important piece of information. It informs you where you are making good investments and where investment is not being returned. It also allows you to refine your marketing budgets to take advantage of opportunities and reduce funding for avenues that are proving less effective.

For instance, you could be spending $500 on two marketing channels, social media, and PPC. You find with lead tracking that PPC is making 80% of your sales and generating $8,000 per month compared to just $2,000 per month from social media. While both are making a profit, it is evident to see that there is a greater opportunity from PPC and the extra money could be funneled into that avenue to increase sales and grow the business.

The difficulty is in determining what your lead sources are. With the rise of the internet, the places that leads could be generated from has multiplied to an incomprehensible size. So you have to be smart in the way that you track your lead sources.

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When is a Lead Ready to Speak With a Salesperson?

When is a Lead Ready to Speak With a Salesperson?

When you are processing a lead to generate new business, you have to be sure that they are ready to speak to your sales team.

Research has found that 73% of your prospects are cold at any given time – this means that the lead is not ready to speak to a member of your team. If you do talk to them too early, then you risk of turning them from a cold lead to a lost cause.

Cold calling is a particular problem. Surveys have discovered that only 20% of customers trust the information they receive during a cold call. That is why using techniques such as email marketing, and inbound marketing can be excellent to determine whether your lead is hot or not.

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