10 Types of Content That Get a Visitor’s Email Address

10 Types of Content That Get a Visitor's Email Address

The money is in the email list – that is the clear message when it comes to online marketing. Many online marketers will tell you this fact, and it is backed up by surveys. In 2013 and 2014, the third best online selling path was email marketing. Only direct visits and organic searching performed better.

Therefore, the goal of your website should be to collect the email address of your visitors. You may get purchases without collecting the email, but if you don’t, the chances are high (70%) that you will never see that visitor again. But visitors to your website don’t just give you their contact information. You have to earn them. Most of the time, this is through giving them some premium content to make them feel they’ve gotten a good deal.

So, what content could you provide visitors that will encourage them to provide their contact information?

1. Brief Tip Sheet

It is the most basic and doesn’t take too long to develop. It is highly effective and marketable. What you need to do is think of a few tips that could be useful to a prospect, but don’t give away all your secrets. Otherwise, you could lower your opportunity to sell them something.

2. Free Report

Do you run a business that regularly produces virtual reports based on a company’s activities? If so, you could offer a free report (like SEO or website) and use that to collect the email address of the prospect. It can be very useful because you can also see where they might need your help and customize your email marketing messages to those specific needs.

3. Blog Content

Blog content can be highly useful to draw in audiences. However, unless you have a strong call-to-action or signup form, you might struggle to build you list this way.

4. Ebook/Whitepaper

It is the most commonly used tactic of businesses online. Ebooks and whitepapers can cover any topic in brief or more detail and can provide you with vital information on what the prospect is interested in. These are highly marketable as well and have great SEO potential.

5. Videos

If you look at a lot of YouTube videos, you’ll find that many are now including links embedded within the video to sign up to a mailing list. These tactics are great since a video has better conversion rates than text alone and is more engaging. Another option is to have a popup that appears at the end of the video.

6. Podcasts

Podcasting is another highly engaging form of media that is being employed by the top brands today. Just asking people to signup to your email mail list can be enough to convince some to give you their information. However, if rates aren’t as high as you hoped, try sectioning off your podcasts on a website that requires an email address to access them.

7. Online Communities

The internet solves a lot of problems. One of the main ones is a sense of belonging. Being part of a community is the basis of social media platforms, forums, and online gaming. These businesses make millions based on the shared experiences of individuals, and you can create similar communities with your business.

8. Infographics

A picture paints a thousand words – and that is what an infographic can achieve for your business. By using an infographic, you have a highly shareable piece of content that can help you generate more interest in your brand, share your knowledge and attract visitors to your website.

9. Case Studies

Evidence is the foundation of building trust. Which is why having case studies that are downloadable for an email are such a great idea. Not only are you capturing their email address, but you are also demonstrating how you can solve problems for them.


With products or services that have a unique price based on scope, costs and other variations, you shouldn’t just take the quote specifications online and produce an immediate quote. Instead, you should be taking their contact information so you can email them the quote, and market to them in the future as well.


Capturing email addresses is important. To obtain them, you need to show why you are an expert in your field through downloadable content, or through other marketing channels. Then you can start to sell to them and achieve great success.

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